Now, Remit2India from any Aus bank

Now, Remit2India from any Aus bank

Indians have made their mark globally and Australia is no exception to this. Over the years, several migrants have made Australia their home and contributed to the development of their adopted country in fields as varied as banking and technology, education and mining.

However, like all Indians across the world, the NRIs in Australia too have helped play a key role in helping their motherland. Indians are, in fact, one of the largest remitters of money from Australia to back home.

And with the advent of technology across all walks of life, the NRIs in Australia too have some great online options to send their hard-earned money home.

One of the pioneers in offering this online service to NRIs is Remit2India, which has served over a million Indians across the world in the 15 years since its inception. Remit2India has recently launched a path-breaking new option for Indians in Australia where they can send money from any Australian bank to any bank in India almost instantly.

They also claim to offer some of the most competitive exchange rates for a nominal fee as low as A$3. As part of their 15th anniversary offer, they are also adding a guaranteed top-up of up to 50 paisa per Australian dollar sent, for a limited period.

With live online tracking, 24×7 toll-free support and a very lucrative member-get-member program, sending money to India sure is getting rewarding for Indians in Australia.

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