It’s all about revolutions, food and otherwise


There’s a lot to savour in this edition of the Indian Sun both literally and metaphorically. South Indian restaurant turned global food chain Saravanaa Bhavan will open its second outlet in Australia – its 57th worldwide. Crispy, paper-thin dosas, pillowy white idlis, the sweet-sour-spicy sambhar, the world is clearly in love with fresh hygienic vegetarian food. Here, we tell the story of how the restaurant climbed the food chain, built completely on the determined dreams of a tea-boy named R Rajagopal. Today, Shekar Mani and Rajagopal’s son ShivaKumar, are set to sprinkle a dash of South Indian flavour on the Aussie landscape. Filter coffee, anyone?

Sometimes hand me downs are the way to go. Especially in the restaurant business. Saurabh Abbott talks to us about his restaurant Jai Ho, built on a foundation of family and tradition, where every recipe, is a creation of generations past. The Indian restaurant, which takes the art of food-making very seriously, is another culinary connoisseur adding flavour to our April edition.

As we celebrated the festival of colours in March (read all about in our recap of March moments), here’s an interesting nugget of news – the number of Indian Australian residents has tripled in the last decade, and that makes Indians the fourth largest migrant group in the country after the UK, New Zealand and China.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the median age of Indian migrants has also dropped from 37 years in 2005 to 33.4 years in 2015, which means more younger people are migrating from India.  Talk about a revolution.

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