Forever, frame by frame


For freelance photographer Rukshan Rodrigo, it’s about making moments count and click

Photography today has become a global din of freeze-frames. Millions of pictures are uploaded every minute and those million pictures speak a thousand words. Every professional photographer hopes for ‘the epic shot’, the once in a lifetime collision of opportunity.

But to Rukshan Rodrigo, a freelance photographer based in Melbourne, photography is more the art of observation, about finding something interesting in an ordinary place and turning it into a creative art, which is possibly what makes him not just a wonderful photographer but a true artist.

“I love the artistic side of the photography. This is the most enjoyable part of my photography hobby,” says Rukshan, who is a Bachelor of Multimedia Studies, which he calls the path to the digital media industry.

“Creativity is what I thirst for, and I am willing to experiment,” says Rukshan, who works as a front-end engineer in a leading digital agency in Australia. “Capturing moments, and creating memories is more of a hobby that lets me explore my creative side,” he adds.

Rukshan Rodrigo can be reached at; 0430208271

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