Pure, simple and just a little different


At KHALSA FOODS, the menu may change, but the quality remains steadfast

The word ‘Khalsa’ means pure and this according to Kanwaljit is what makes Khalsa Foods a little different from the rest of the restaurants. So what does ‘Khalsa’ symbolise and how has Kanwaljit Singh and his team incorporated this in their cooking and service styles?

The Khalsa order was initially created on Baisakhi Day in the year 1699 by the tenth Sikh Guru, Guru Gobind Singh when he baptised five Sikhs and then asked the five Khalsas to baptize him.The Khalsa baptism ceremony involves drinking of ‘Amrit’ (sugar water stirred with a dagger) in the presence of the holy Guru Granth Sahib and five Khalsa Sikhs and follow the Khalsa Code of Conduct. The Khalsa Sikhs are also called the ‘Amritdhari’ Sikhs.The Khalsa is a spiritual brotherhood and sisterhood devoted to purity of thought and action. Guru Gobind Singh gave the Khalsa a distinctive external form to remind them of their commitment, and to help them maintain an elevated state of consciousness.

When one browses the menu at Khalsa Foods the food items offered may be no different from the other restaurants. But Kanwaljit says that the level of purity and cleanliness that they maintain is of very high quality. There are no compromises in this area. It is not about the variety of the food offered but the process that goes into the preparation the food that makes eating at Khalsa Foods a unique experience. ‘The proof of the pudding is in the eating’. The team at Khalsa Foods say that the quality of food speaks for itself as they source the finest and the purest ingredients to cook all their delicacies. All their products are vegetarian with no egg, meat or fish and they also cater for diners who avoid food cooked with onions and/or garlic in it.

The team at Khalsa Foods are also passionate bakers, their speciality being the eggless cakes that can be made to order in any flavour. They do chocolate, vanilla and black forest flavours with a choice of toppings that include but are not restricted to walnut, pineapple and banana.Though they believe vanilla and chocolate are the most popular flavours. They urge their customers to challenge their creativity so they can translate their ideas and requirements into yummy cake creations. All their cakes are baked from scratch and a lot of care and effort goes into the process. No matter how many times a particular type of cake has been baked, each cake is very special as each customer is very special to them.

At Khalsa Foods, simplicity and purity is the ultimate sophistication!

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