Wyndham City wants to hear your voice on transport strategy

Wyndham City wants to hear your voice on transport strategy

Wyndham City recently adopted the Wyndham Integrated Transport Policy and Strategy which will now go to the public for feedback on developing traffic and transport outcomes that can better meet the needs of a rapidly expanding community.

The Council had identified the need for an integrated transport strategy in its 2014/15 City Plan following pressing community concerns relating to transport and traffic.

Wyndham City’s Portfolio Holder for Transport Cr Glenn Goodfellow said a strategy was needed when improved and efficient transport was identified as an urgent priority.

“The message came through loud and clear from the community that transport is the number one pressing issue and that we needed a strategy to deal with the needs of this rapidly expanding community,” Cr Goodfellow said.

“We developed this strategy – the Wyndham Integrated Transport Strategy– in response to that. This strategy covers policy, strategy and action plans that will shape the future of our transport system in this municipality,” he added.

The Wyndham Integrated Transport Strategy (WITS) takes an evidence-based approach to provide an overarching framework for local and regional transport planning, for transport network development and to enable investment priorities to be determined to 2040 and beyond, said the councillor.

“It is our responsibility to deliver improvements to transport strategies that will evolve out of the strategy,” he added.

The initial draft of Wyndham City’s Integrated Transport Policy was available for public comment through a survey from 1 August 2015 to 3 September 2015.

Wyndham City Mayor Cr Adele Hegedich said the strategy was part of a wider Wyndham Vision: Our Wyndham – Towards 2040 – which is a plan that will allow Council to better meet the new and emerging needs and aspirations of a growing municipality.

“It is our vision that by 2040, Wyndham will be a connected city that offers a wide choice of transport options; supports efficient travel within its region; and provides a safe, inclusive  and sustainable transport system,” Cr Hegedich said.

“Wyndham is also one of the fastest growing municipalities in the country and our communities are confronted daily with a backlog of State Government funding for essential transport related infrastructure,” added the Mayor.

“We expect that many of Wyndham’s future transport improvements will need a significant advocacy effort over the lifetime of the Strategy to secure State and Federal support and a fair share of funding for essential transport-related infrastructure,” Cr Hegedich said.


Wyndham City is seeking feedback on this long-term plan to guide the advocacy and development of Wyndham’s transport system to 2040 and beyond.

To have your say, visit http://www.wyndham.vic.gov.au/aboutwyndham/consultation/wyndham_integrated_transport_strategy. You can also view the documents at a Wyndham City Library or the Civic Centre. Public submissions on the Wyndham Integrated Transport Policy and Strategy close on the 31st March 2016.

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