The learning never stops: Eshwar Lakavathu

The learning never stops: Eshwar Lakavathu

Eshwar is an entrepreneur with humble dreams. From his childhood to adolescence he always wanted to make a positive impact in people’s lives, be it helping schoolmates or standing up for a cause.

Along with his real estate business, Eshwar runs prestigious institutes in Melbourne where he is able to educate and shape kids of the future.

From humble beginnings as a student and reformist today through education, he is constantly quenching his thirst for impacting lives through many avenues.

Eshwar hopes to foster a Gurukul concept where there is complete development from cradle to grave for people so they can be nurtured to become great citizens through academics, sports and other vocational skills supplemented by business and political acumen.

Run, read, reenergise. He is big admirer of being fit.  He believes a man needs to just do two things “Read and Run”. Read to keep mind informed and Run to keep the body fit.



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