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After 33 years of operating some of Melbourne’s finest Indian restaurants, Dhananjay knows a thing or two –or hundred – about maintaining quality, authentic taste, and utmost hospitality.

After operating Bengal Tiger for 13 years, he currently operates Indian Roast in Hoppers Crossing.

Quality and novelty. While the restaurant specialises in traditional North Indian Food, they have also introduced Portuguese and the Balti or village style of cooking to Australia. “The key to success in the restaurant business,” says Dhananjay, “is maintaining quality and authenticity, while giving people something completely novel.”

It’s been 20 years and a challenge, says Dhananjay, as the Australian palate was not used to chilly hot Indian spices when he first started out. But now, ask any Australian about Indian food, says Dhananjay, and you’re likely to get a thumb’s up.


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