Kathak meets doumbek at Sawan fest


Multicultural music and dance event was a celebration of performing arts from around the world

When thumping music from Africa meets the melody of Indian classical tunes, when the glamour of Hijab wearing women meets the soul of Turkish music and when the audience of 500 stands up to celebrate the spirit of oneness, you can be sure “Sawan” is here!

The 2015 edition of the multicultural music and dance festival held on 20 September, at Clayton Hall in Clayton marked the celebration of performing arts from across the world.  Graced by the presence of VIPs like MP, representing Minister Robin Scott, Steve Dimopoulos Mayor of City of Monash Paul Klisaris, Monash Councilor Geoff Lakes, Indian Consulate Anjan Bhaumik, Multicultural Advisor to the Honorary Premier Daniel Andrew Jaswinder Singh, CEO of Indian Australian Idol Anuj Kulshresthta, Chief Editor, Beyond India Media & Newspaper Moti Visa, SLSE Business Group head Gurpreet Miglani, and Monash Tax Accountants’ Shan Gupta, the event was well planned by the core team of SKGA, lead by Nawal Moudgil.

The Indian values of Vasudev Kutumbukam, meaning the world is my family was clearly depicted by the colorful fusion of performances from across the world. The festival had a rich collection of performances like belly dance, Kathak, Panjabi Gidda, the melody of Hossein Abbasi’s Turkish music accompanied by Sreedharan on doumbek drums, and dancing angels Hiral and Innesa. Zito Ballo voiced out the lyrics of “Everyone can change”, which received a whopping applause from the audience. The Karly Jewells rock band played the beats for the gorgeous people who walked the ramp for the cause of world peace. The event also had some melodious performances by Sandy Lee, Anoop Divakaran, Lakshmy, Adarsh Nair, Sajan and Namrata. Other highlights of the festival were the food and shopping opportunities available at the venue courtesy the sponsors.

Nawal Moudgil sang the raga Khamaj-based thumri Mora Saiyaan and Tore Bina, while Smriti Goyal danced kathak dance movements.

Overall the event was a clear reflection of the Indian cultural belief of unity and cohesion through art and culture.

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