Voice for peace


Afghan singer Navid Forogh hopes music will help his home country overcome conflict

It was his love for song – and the freedom to sing — that made Navid Forogh migrate from Afghanistan to Australia in 2013. “The living conditions in Afghanistan are not safe for singers,” says Navid, who shot to fame in his home country in 2009 when he won top spot in the reality show Afghan Star, beating 20,000 other aspirants.

In Melbourne, the singer – who says his mission is to promote peace through music — joined “Voices Without Borders”, an organization dedicated to promoting, supporting and sponsoring choral music and performing arts for the youth around the world. The Voices Without Borders choir is made up of singers forced to flee their homeland.

“I want to teach the Australian society about Afghan music. Fortunately music is being used as a means to spread peace within Afghanistan. Afghans want to believe that they must be able to get over conflicts and misunderstandings without using armies and weapons, but music instead,” says Navid, who was born and raised in Kabul. He graduated from mechanic high school and then studied music for two years at Lesse Music School, in the same city. After winning Afghan Star in 2009, Navid slowly started concert tours in neighbouring countries such as Russia, India, Dubai (Saudi Arabia) and Tajikistan, before reaching Melbourne shores in 2009.

In addition to his musical career, Navid is also a great artist. In 2012, Navid participated in the Maymanagi Art contest in Utrish, Austria, and won first place. “Drawing is also one of my greatest talents and passions,” says Navid.

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