‘ Most beautiful soul, free spirit and a loving woman’


Melbourne mum Renu Fotedar killed in deadly Nepal avalanche

Melbourne mum Renu Fotedar is confirmed dead in the recent earthquake in Nepal that has left thousands dead and many more homeless and injured. Renu was killed in the deadly avalanche at the Mount Everest base camp that killed 19 travellers including a senior executive with Google. Hundreds of Australians are still unaccounted for in Nepal. According to authorities more than 850 Australians have been identified but hundreds are still missing.

Renu Fotedar, 49, was on a trekking expedition to Mount Everest when she was killed. Renu was to have gone to Romania for a conference soon after her stay in Nepal.

Renu Fotedar grew up in Kashmir. She did her MBA from the University of Wollongong and she moved to Melbourne in 2005 to set up her business. According to the ABC, Renu had recently moved to Switzerland with her family. She is survived by her husband and two children, 15 and 17.

Renu Fotedar’s husband has flown to Nepal to repatriate her body. Her last rites will be in Kashmir.

Tributes flowed in on social media. One of Renu’s friends posted: “Tears are welling my eyes, RIP dear Renu Fotedar, epitome of Kashmiriyat, affection, care, dynamism, ambition, success, achievements, yet so human, such a noble soul……she lived life in such short years what others can judt dream in a few births.My prayers for Lokesh and family to give you strength ti bear this irreparable loss.”

Another friend said: “I am both shocked and deeply saddened to hear of Renu’s passing. Renu was a beacon of light and touched all who crossed her path. A woman with such grace and beauty, inside and out… My sincere condolences and love to her family. May Renu rest in peace and know she will be greatly missed.

Neel, Cathy, Jascha and Izzy from Sprout Organic Café Posted: “Most beautiful soul, free spirit and loving woman. Such a loss for our world and for those that knew and thus loved her. Much love to her boys and Lokesh.

The official death toll from the earthquake has exceeded 3,700 and the government fears it could go past 5,000.

Australian government has sent a nine-member team to Nepal to assess the situation and trace the missing Australian travellers. The Federal government has committed to $5 million for rescue operations. The funds include $2.5 million to assist Australian non-government organisations, $2 million to support United Nations partners and $500,000 to support the Australian Red Cross.


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