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Afghan star Fahim Faiz talks to Hello Bollywood about growing up in a world of cinema

Just two films old and Fahim Faiz has managed to make a mark in Afghan cinema. Although mostly inspired by Bollywood films, cinema in Afghanistan is a growing industry. And Faiz has actually had a bird’s eye view of its progress.

Faiz’s father spearheaded a production house called Gulistan Films which was established in 1978. “The family produced two films in Afghanistan called Junayat Karan and Khaaneh 555. We also owned a cinema theatre called Farokhi. My interest in film making and acting grew, and I studied the subject,” says Faiz, who then began producing and making his own films in which he cast himself as the lead. “I have two movies produced in Australia – Gumrah; which I wrote and co-produced; and Ehsaas, which was written, produced and directed by my brother Farid,” says Faiz, who is also quite the sportsperson.

He talks to HB about life in the movies.

Describe your state of mind when you saw yourself in film.

The first time I saw myself on screen was for Junayat Karan, when I was in grade 3. Playing a child, I was really excited but nervous at the same time though I gave it my best.

I was very nervous during the making of Gumrah because I was the protagonist. There was a lot of multi-tasking as I had also written the script and was producing it.


Can you give us an insight into how you pick and choose your projects?

I choose my projects as a professional because I have grown up in this field. I pay attention into my priorities so my work is well managed and is going ahead the way it is suppose to as a professional and it all comes from what I have learnt in my entire life.


Do you feel you’ve had creative control in your earlier projects?

It is a learning process. Every movie I write and produce teaches me to be creative and improvise. When I look back at work done earlier, I feel proud of my creativity and have garnered positive feedback which motivates me more to do even better.


Which was the most difficult character to cast throughout your career?

It was playing the older brother in the movie Gumrah. I am the youngest brother in my family. So that was a challenging character for me, though it was a good experience.


Can you tell us about any projects you have?

I am currently working on a new project, based on a true story for which I am the scriptwriter.


We have heard that “Sir Salam Sangi” has been roped in to direct one of your upcoming films. htaken the direction of one of your upcoming films, is this a fact? If so, will he also be cast in the film? And anymore information you can disclose to our readers?

Definitely it is a fact that Sir Salam Sangi will be directing my new upcoming movie Wanted once upon a time in Melbourne that is based on a true story. And yes he will be casting in the movie as well, it is absolutely a pleasure to work with him and I am looking forward to it.


Who are your biggest film influences?

My father Haji Faiz Mohammad, who was a film maker, my older brother Farid who was and is a great producer/actor and of course Sir Salam Sangi. They have always been my biggest influences.


What are your top five favourite movies?

My top five favourite movies are Gunnah, Khaaneh 555, Mard Ha Ra Qawl Ast, Saboor sar baaz, and of course my movie Gumrah.


What inspires you to keep going?

To be honest my supporters and my audience have been my greatest inspiration to be able to do what I love to do. Saying that my own hard work, my creativity, my professionalism, my can do attitude motivates me to work in this field continuously. And again, more importantly the positive feedback.

I am happily married; I have 3 daughters and enjoying my life together with my sweet family.

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