Virat Kohli speaks at CG’s boat cruise


Virat Kohli, India’s new test captain, addressed prominent and distinguished guests at an India Tourism boat cruise in Sydney hosted by the Consul General of India in Sydney, Sunjay Sudhir.

“I will keep this as short as I can,” began Kohli. “I am delighted to be here on this cruise tonight. It is indeed very different to what we normally experience. It is something new for all the boys and I know for a fact that everyone has enjoyed this so far.”

Kohli went on to speak about the team’s experience in Australia so far. “It has been interesting so far in Australia, from the time we landed – what a roller coaster of emotions it has been starting from a very sad incident for the cricketing world [Phil Hughes]. It was an emotional time for all of us, and getting into the groove of playing cricket and getting onto the field.” 

On the team’s performances, Kohli seemed satisfied. “I stand here really proud at this day knowing how well the team has played so far and how we have been able to regroup ourselves as a cricket team. The character of the team has shown so far, with both games [Adelaide and Brisbane] – could have gone either way. 

“I stand here as a proud Indian captain right now because of the way the guys have played and we promise you we will continue to [be competitive] in Sydney and in the coming years as well. I hope you all have a great evening tonight,” said Kohli signing off. 

Navneet Ganesh is the founder of Infinity Cricket, an organisation with the tag line ‘Connecting people through cricket’. Navneet is an avid cricket enthusiast and has a keen interest in writing.

Published in The Indian Sun, Sydney

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