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Feature Act’s new rom com Bandhan is running to houseful shows

Feature Act Production is Australia’s fist production company portfolio of more than twenty music videos, four short films and one feature film on the way. The Feature Act team has worked with many international and local artists, giving them a platform to launch their carrier in music or cine field.

Recently, Feature Act Productions and Sandeep Raj Films premiered the Bandhan movie at GT Road in Melbourne. Needless to say it was a houseful show. This excellent piece of work from Sandeep Raj has taken Australian-based Bollywood movies to next level.

Bandhan is a story of how a girl named Sunitha and a boy named Aryan meet before they are supposed to get married. But there is a twist in the tale, in the sense, both characters end up meeting the wrong people. Finally, Sunitha and Aryan do meet each other and then comes the happy ending.

Both debutante actors Mohit Sehgal and Manisha Dagore have acted exceptionally well.

The film, directed by Sandeep Raj, has been produced by Durga Ravula.

For more info, log in to www.facebook.com/drahula

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