Standing up for the tricolour


Sydney’s Dr Yadu Singh recently rapped MasterChef on the knuckles for the incorrect display of India’s national flag in a MasterChef episode. Dr Singh says in his blog that he was called by a concerned member of the community about the mistake. Dr Singh decided to take up the matter through his blog. “We know that the upside down display of the Indian flag or any national flag is a disrespectful act,” says Dr Singh’s blog.

Dr Singh got in touch with Channel 10 and MasterChef requesting action on the matter. Dr Singh’s blog says that MasterChef Australia responded promptly with an apology. The production company responsible for the show admitted that it was an unintentional oversight during production. The production house issued an “unreserved apology”.

A Channel 10 official also wrote to Dr Singh: “Please let us assure you that the episode featuring the flag is being re-edited and will soon be updated on our website and also for the international version when it is eventually televised in India.”

Published in Indian diaspora magazine


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