$3.5 million boost for Port of Geelong access


Freight users in Geelong will benefit from a $3.5 million upgrade of roads leading into the port, Minister for Ports David Hodgett and Candidate for Geelong Paula Kontelj announced 1 July.

The Shell Parade route in Corio will be upgraded as part of the latest round of the Transport Solutions initiative which received $56.2 million in this year’s budget, including a $37.5 million Commonwealth co-contribution.

“The Victorian Coalition Government is making big improvements to the freight network through the Transport Solutions initiative so businesses can increase productivity by moving goods more quickly to their destination,” Mr Hodgett said.

“As part of the latest round of projects, we are investing $3.5 million to upgrade the Shell Parade route in Corio which currently services 700 trucks per day. Upgrades to this route will improve access to the Port of Geelong from Melbourne, to ensure it can better provide for B-Doubles and High Productivity Freight Vehicles into the future,” Mr Hodgett added.

The project includes widening of three curves, upgrades to two roundabouts and improved staging facilities for heavy vehicles on the route. The work is aimed at improving the efficiency of the transport network and will include width pavements, delineation works and lane separations to boost safety and reduce the risk of crashes occurring. The improved staging facilities will provide an informal area for heavy vehicles to stop, thereby improving maintenance for the remainder of the route as it will not sustain the heavy pot-holing and edge deterioration that currently occurs.

“The improved designated staging areas will also provide a more predictable scenario for other road users as they will know the locations where trucks will be stopping on the side of the road,” Mr Hodgett said.

Federal Member for Carangamite Sarah Henderson said the Transport Solutions initiative has already delivered three important projects in Geelong including: $3.5 million – Automation of signaling at the North Geelong C-Signal; $95,000 – Princes Freeway, Beach Road off ramp improvements involving    modification to the kerb and channel to improve truck access into Beach Road; and $171,000 ($85,000 contribution from the Commonwealth Government’s Heavy Vehicle Safety and Productivity program) – North Geelong, Bayside Road intersection improvements including construction of a right turn lane on the Princes Highway north bound off ramp and widening of the curve on the Princes Highway south bound off ramp.

“Transport Solutions has already delivered improvements in Geelong to support the surrounding grain, livestock and extractions industries, as well as unlock the broader freight transport network that is essential to
ensuring our export economy continues to thrive,” Ms Henderson said.

“The Beach Road off ramp works improved the use of the intersection for heavy vehicles turning right from the Geelong bound freeway off ramp into Beach Road. The Bayside Road intersection works improved traffic flow for freight vehicles accessing the Port of Geelong. Also, the widening of the curve on the Princes Highway south bound off ramp greatly improves access to the Port of Geelong for large freight vehicles entering Bayside Road,” she added.

“Through careful planning and strategic decision making we’re creating an economic domino effect that pays dividends all the way down the supply chain from the regions to the ports,” Ms Henderson said.

Works on the Shell Parade project will be managed by VicRoads and will commence in 2015.

Published in The Indian Sun (Indian Newspaper in Melbourne)

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