After blood donation drive, Sewa looks to build computer centres for underprivileged in India


On 14 June, World Blood Donation Day, Sewa International — a community-based not-for profit voluntary association — organised a group blood donation of 22 volunteers in collaboration with Red Cross.

This activity, say members of Sewa, promoted diversity and encouraged positivity within the community as volunteers from diverse age groups and genders came forward to help save 75 lives, as per Red Cross data. “We intend to do this activity on regular basis as well as we plan to raise awareness about it at a national level. We will be signing on more participants and arranging with various community members across the rest of the year to host live donation sessions,” said one of the organizers.

Sewa International is a growing organization of passionate members and aims to represent Indians living in Melbourne in promoting and encouraging integration in order to become successful members of society.

Sewa International also recently organised an event to raise funds for relief and rehabilitation activities in Uttarakhand in India. This event was held at Clayton Hall Annexe where International coordinator of Sewa Sh. Shyam Parande presented details of the relief activities and made a video presentation to the audience about the rehabilitation projects being run by Sewa in Uttarakhand. At the end of the presentation, Sewa found many more people signing up to support this project.

The Uttarakhand Society of Australia also collaborated with Sewa in successfully raising funds. Apart from that, Shyam also informed about many big and small projects running across 17 different countries, fully supported by Sewa. These projects pertain to natural disasters, child welfare, women empowerment and other socio economic development.

Sewa International has now decided to support the development of a computer centre in Chanderpuri in the Rudra Prayag district by offering full financial help. This centre will help local children who have lost their homes, parents or families in Uttarakhand flood, in acquiring essential computing skills which will enable them in rehabilitation by seeking employment.

Details of all these projects can be found at You can also call Vikrant (0409174714) / Praveen (041031778) / Deepak (0478700784).

Published in The Indian Sun (Indian Australian Magazine)

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