Son of Punjab, footy’s rising star


Dilpreet Singh is the first player of Indian origin to be honoured with the rising star award in footy.

Dilpreet arrived from India in 2008, having no background in sport, let alone footy. Dilpreet has been awarded a rising star award from VAFA (Victorian Amateur Football association). He lives in Melbourne with his family and takes pride in being the first Indian to wear a Guernsey with Singh written on the back.

Dilpreet started off playing for Caulfield Bears Carnegie in 2009 and has since moved on to St. Leo’s Wattlepark as full forward/ half flank forward.

Dilpreet’s interest in the sport was sparked on the day of the grand final in 2008 when the supporters of Geelong football club caught his attention. The culture and importance of this game in Australia motivated him to start training in the ground where his former coach approached him after watching his skills on the ground. Dilpreet is now a proud supporter of the Geelong Football Club.

Dilpreet is a unique footy player. He has proven himself to be a consistent performer on field and through midfield. He takes the game on, uses his pace and can push forward to kick goals as a small on-baller who has a great ability to burst away from stoppages and kick long goals. He has the strength and the speed to match it with all the star forwards in the competition. His team-mates call him “the running machine”.

Dilpreet’s excellent skills, fitness and strength were recently praised in a footy magazine. He shows impressive overhead marks and kicks.  He is a great leader of the game and gets to the right spots.

He has kicked a number of important goals at senior level and his team values his ability to strike when it matters most. Teammates and coaches say that Dilpreet has composure beyond his years and does not shy away from being involved in a tough contest in crucial games. Whether it is as a running defender midfielder or forward, Dil, according to friends and team members, has been one of the most consistent performers in the team.

This season has seen Dilpreet step up a level again. Dilpreet put himself through many hard days in the gym to impress during his first year footy career and has come a long way since. His aggression at the ball, relentless first and second efforts are all hallmarks of his game. He has a long career ahead of him and has already begun to establish himself in this area. The combination of his fierce attack on the football and outstanding performance makes him a promising young talent.

Dilpreet is also an active member in many Indian communities in Australia. In a community where cricket still remains the most popular game, Dilpreet says that he wishes to to educate and influence young Indians to take part in a variety of sports, especially footy. He also enjoys promoting Indian culture and aims to bring Indian tradition into footy when the opportunity arises.

Published in The Indian Sun (Indian Magazine in Australia)/ Indians in Footy

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