Religion has spirituality in it: Aussie guru Durga


If religion is the cause of turmoil in many countries, imbibing spirituality and finding wisdom within can bring peace in the world, says an Australian spiritual guru who feels religion and spirituality are intertwined.

“Spirituality provides various tools to find endless wisdom and grace within our self. Religion has spirituality, and within any religion one can learn various spiritual tools,” Shakti Durga told IANS.

Durga was born Kim Fraser, but rechristened herself when she had a spiritual awakening during the most troubled and depressing period of her life. On her quest to understand healing and the power of meditation, she travelled to various countries, till she found her guru in south India.

“People have more tolerance and understanding of humanity if they make peace with themselves and are on a spiritual path. There will be peace in the world if one is at peace with oneself,” she added.

The spiritual teacher and healer was in the capital to promote her non-profit organisation Shanti Mission.

Durga said it was ironical how the land of profound wisdom – India – has no takers in its own country, whereas westerners are adapting and making spirituality a part of their lives.

“Our mission is to reach into profound wisdom of books, take in modern day wisdom and then bring it back to India, which is a strange feeling because India is so full of wise ones, and is the land of spirituality,” she said.

“I think a lot of people in India now, a lot of educated people, are taking inspiration from the West, and imbibing spirituality,” she added.

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