Celebrate Diwali, help a school


GOPIO Sydney North West organising charity fundraiser dinner

Since its inception in 2008, GOPIO Sydney North West’s has been working towards helping under-privileged school children living in remote villages of North India. Their “Caring & Sharing” project has helped underprivileged school children in seven primary and aganvadi schools (pre-schools) in Northern Indian villages.

GOPIO North West is now organising its fourth annual ‘Caring and Sharing’ charity fundraiser dinner and dance at Bowman Hall, Blacktown on 2 November, along with Diwali celebrations. Besides donating for a cause, there is non-stop entertainment, a three-course buffet dinner, and a dance floor to add to the Diwali celebrations.

The proceeds from this charity dinner will go towards the construction toilets in a school in a remote village in Punjab.

“We look into such areas, where there is a need. We have done several charity events where we have collected funds for education and warm clothes for the underprivileged children in Zira (Ferozepur) and Gurdaspur India, as well as aged care facilities in Sydney,” says Sumit Joshi, a member of this organisation.

“The response from the people is overwhelming, and more than 300 tickets have been sold so far. Tickets are selling fast and we are left with only a few tickets. This charity dinner is for a good cause, and we hope to see a large participation from the public. It will be a wonderful night, full of dance, music and fun. In fact, we are expecting more than 500 participants,” he adds.

The pre-booking cost for a single person is $40, and for a family, it is $120. At the gate, a single ticket cost will be $45.

“Every year, Harmohan Singh Walia and Prof. Balkar Singh Kang of GOPIO Sydney North West chapter travel in from Sydney to Punjab (India) to implement the ‘Caring & Sharing’ project. School children are provided with basic amenities such as warm clothes, school uniforms, shoes, socks,, fans in classrooms, furniture, and hand pumps for clean drinking water,” he says.

He adds that GOPIO never transfers money there, but sends a representative to India to make sure the money is being utilised for the purpose for which it was collected.

Providing information about the organisation, Ravi Singh, president of GOPIO, says, “It was an initiative of a few likeminded people. The main idea behind it was to bring the people of Indian origin living outside on a single platform where they can use their skills to benefit the Indian community living abroad and in India as well.”

Ravi adds that there are over 25 million people of Indian origin (PIO) living outside India. “With this large group of people, a new global community of Indians has been developed. Most of the people of Indian origin have become highly successful in business, and in their professions, and if their professional expertise and financial resources are to be pooled, it will benefit not only people of Indian origin but also their countries and India,” he adds.

In July 2011, GOPIO organised a lecture at Rouse Hill Library in which Professor Parmatma from USA was the spokes person. GOPIO Sydney North West chapter organised GOPIO Young Achievers Award Night (GYAAN) jointly with GOPIO Parramatta, GOPIO Glenwood, GOPIO Sydney and GOPIO Ryde chapters in 2011 in Castle Grand, Pioneer Hall, Castle Hill.

The GYAAN Awards are open to all HSC students of Indian origin, who attained ATAR 99 and above in HSC results.

GOPIO Sydney North West chapter has continuously conducted seminars in 2009-10 for overseas Indian students to educate them about Australian culture, and help them get jobs and accommodation at affordable prices. They have also helped resolve many social issues amongst students. They also organise blood donation camps through the year.
GOPIO also participated in ‘Parramasala’ organised by the government of NSW as well as in the arrival of Queen’s baton at Parramatta during the Commonwealth Games.

GOPIO North West’s fourth annual ‘Caring and Sharing’ charity fundraiser dinner and dance for Diwali is at Bowman Hall, Blacktown, on 2 November.

For further inquiries and booking contact Sumit Joshi on 0413994647

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