Can’t decide on which university? Why not use Twitter to help?



With university preferences due, one higher education provider is using social media to connect Year 12 students with current university students to help them answer any questions about their university course.

UTS: INSEARCH launched the Student Perspectives Program (SPP) so university students could, using Twitter, share their experiences of university life, courses, future careers and what it’s really like to study at university.

Belinda Howell, General Manager of Sales & Marketing, from UTS:INSEARCH said, “The first-round of university preferences is due and it can be a daunting prospect for students who might not have a clear idea of what they’d like to study. It can be hard for students to know what course is the right fit for them and what to do if they don’t get the ATAR they need for their first preference,”

“We encourage high school students to be proactive about finding out about study options for a range of courses so they can make the right decision. We’ve got student representatives from: Business, Communications, Design, Nursing, Engineering, Science, and IT. And they’re all ready to share their experiences with Year 12 students.”

Pratik Kumar is a Communications student in the program. He came to Australia from India to study a Diploma of Communication at UTS:INSEARCH and is now in his second year of a Bachelor of Communication at UTS, majoring in Public Communications.

Like all the SPP team members, Pratik is happy to share his experiences of studying Communications at UTS and answer any questions that Year 12 student might have over Twitter.

“Lecture by #UTS careers department was awesome. This is why I love UTS. #studyaustralia #industrylinks,” tweeted Pratik.

“The Student Perspectives Program is so unique because it’s about Year 12 students being able to connect with real university students in their own time and in their own way. We’re here to help students get into UTS and thrive once they’re there,” said Ms Howell.

UTS:INSEARCH is the premium pathway provider to UTS and offer a range of Diploma courses which, in many cases, offer direct entry into the 2nd year of a UTS bachelor degree. To find out more about the UTS:INSEARCH Open Day on September 19 or meet, tweet and chat to these students visit:

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