Bridging the gap between government, Asian community


The Asian Australian Alliance (AAA), an advocacy network aimed at undertaking communication between Asian communities and all sides of government, took off on a promising note on July 20 at Parramatta, with the theme of Asian Australian Voices.

A number of Federal and State politicians were present at the inaugural launch.

AAA also aims to carry this out by promoting dialogue on common issues and based upon the feedback develop round table projects which will form the basis of advocacy with the government.

The first key note address was given by Ed Husic, Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister and the Parliamentary Secretary for Broadband, who also spoke on behalf of Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.

The second key note address was given by Michelle Rowland MP, Member for Greenway, who made an adjournment speech in Federal Parliament on June 24, on the need to recognize and acknowledge past injustices against the Chinese and for the White Australia Policy which affected the wider Asian Australian community including a vast majority from the Indian sub-continent communities.

The Chair of the Sub Continent Friends of Labor, Harish Velji spoke on the topic of “Achievements by our communities”.
Harish highlighted the issues and the achievements faced by the Indian sub-continent communities in Australia, with focus on the need for aged care facilities for these communities.

Harish highlighted the great contributions which the Indian sub-continent community has made to Australia’s heritage, culture and prosperity.

The launch was well attended by the Indian sub-continent communities which represented a cross section. Around thirty key community leaders from the Tamil, Pakistani, Nepalese, Hindu and Punjabi communities were present on the occasion.

“The Indian sub-continent communities will contribute greatly in identifying common issues and projects which the Asian Australian Alliance can embark upon, we look forward in listening and taking advice from this great community”, Asian Australian Alliance Convener Erin Chew said.

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