Cult leadership is destructive: Tony Abott on Kevin Rudd


Leader of the Opposition Mr Tony Abbott met with members of the Ethnic media on Thursday in Melbourne.

After introducing a largely diverse team of representatives from the Liberal Party who are contesting in the up coming federal elections, he responded to what was the hot topic in the media this week – proposed Labour candidate Ms Lisa Clutterham.

A career diplomat, Lisa Clutterham had been speaking with various media outlets about her intention to contest from the Labour safe-seat of Lalor . Lalor is former prime minister Ms Julia Gillard’s constituency.

As an outsider in every sense of the word, the announcement has caused much consternation in the electorate if the talk back comments are anything to go by.

“This shows how it’s all about Rudd. Cult leadership is destructive. Mr Kevin Rudd has decided to parachute a candidate to Lalor overriding the local Labour Party sentiments.”

When asked if he would consider fielding a candidate from a minority community in one of the Liberal safe seats, Mr Abbott said: “I am determined to see the first Indian born parliamentarian in Australian is from the Liberal Party.”
“A stronger economy will fix our hospitals,” said Mr Abbott when asked what the Liberal party would do to fix the over-crowding of hospitals.

About the 457 visa programme, he said: “People who come on 457 visas are not stealing jobs from Australians. They are adding value to our economy.”

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