Be cyber smart, safe


Social networking sites are a great way to keep in contact with others but these sites can also be used inappropriately to bully others, groom young people for sex offences or to steal your identity.

Students or members of the public may sometimes create or distribute inappropriate content using mobile phone cameras and social networking sites. Police have found that there has been an increase in young people using mobile phones to possess, transmit or produce child pornography. This is a criminal offence and is more commonly known as “sexting”. In this column I will give you some cyber safety tips.

Social Networking Sites

• Understand and apply privacy settings. Limit who can access your profile.
• Use commonsense when posting any comment and make sure it is appropriate.
• Don’t share your social networking password with anyone.
• Keep your personal information private.
• Don’t open any attachments if you do not know the sender.
• Report any harassment or inappropriate content received on the “Report abuse” links.
• Don’t respond to the sender and block their messages.

Mobile Phones

• Ask someone before taking a photo of them on your mobile phone.
• Speak to a trusted adult if you are being bullied into sending inappropriate images.
• Don’t give out another person’s mobile number without their permission.
• Don’t send inappropriate pictures or messages that may constitute a criminal offence.
• Don’t use your phone for cyber bullying.

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