Amit Kumar chosen IEC travel chapter president


The Indian Executive Club (IEC), a private body of small and medium businesses, unanimously chose Amit Kumar as its travel chapter president. Kumar is the State Manager of CVFR Travel Group for Victoria and South Australia. The decision was announced on 21 June at the IEC’s quarterly networking event.

In his previous roles, Kumar has worked with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and more recently with Jet Airways, prior to commencing his with CVFR Travel group.

Kumar said: “I love to travel and this passion of exploring the unknown is the key driving factor for me to be innovative and resourceful.”

The key role of the Chapter is to bring the Indian community in Australia into the limelight within the wider community spectrum. “We are aware that the travel and tourism industry is growing rapidly, especially with agents from the South Asian sub-continent. The Indian population has benefited with the overall growth in the industry, one good example being; 30 kgs baggage allowance has become a norm now, which was unheard of in previous years , especially for travel to the Indian sub-continent.

“The role of the president of this chapter is to engage the airline fraternity and the SMEs to work closely and incorporate synergies into their business. This can be achieved by getting the airline companies to network at IEC events with well-known businesses from the Indian community, various banks and other SMEs. This way, both parties can benefit,” added Kumar.

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