My Cornerstone- tale of inflated ego


The latest production of World Pictures Australia, My Cornerstone is a story based on a wealthy Indian family settled in Australia. Produced and directed by Stenley Joseph, the movie showcases the various facets of living style in abroad and also portrays the diverse realities and possibilities which include the hardships while living as a nuclear family away from relatives.

My Cornerstone tells the story of a beautiful Indian nurse, Adina David (Zenia Starr), who escapes a life of torture and abuse and secures a healthcare position in Australia through an employment agent in Bangalore.

As soon as she arrives in Sydney, the young nurse is placed in the household of the Pintos, a wealthy Indian-Australian family. Adina is given the task of caring for Lydia Pinto (Santosh Verma) an elderly stroke victim.
Lydia’s daughter-in-law, Miriam Pinto (Savita Starr), drives Adina hard and treats her like a slave. An east-west type of clash occurs between the two women though both have Indian origin, Miriam is Australian-born and feels superior to anyone born in India. She does not like her sister-in-law Heather Pinto (Aishveryaa Nidhi) who is a single mother, raising two kids and longs for her mother’s company.

The Pinto’s are so wrapped up in materialism that they not only let Adina suffer for their ignorance, but even their family ties face the upshot.

Just when emotions are running high and everything seems irresolvable, their enigmatic new neighbour, Chris (James Morcan), appears and gathers quite a reputation. His presence opens up a new mystery and leaves everyone thinking ‘Who is this guy??’

Among our talented cast is upcoming Indian Australian actress Zenia Starr, Raj Suri’s Miss India Australia 2013 is the lead actress of this movie. She has worked in various short films, web series and commercials. Her break in the Australian film industry happened earlier this year when she landed a main role in Backyard Ashes working alongside Aussie icon John Wood.

Other distinguished cast and crew members include writer and actor James Morcan, who worked alongside Russell Crowe in Ben Hur: The Stadium Spectacular; actors and writers Gil and Oren Ben-Moshe who starred in their own NBC TV series, as well as lead roles in world renowned short film, The Pines and Aishveryaa Nidhi who has appeared in various stage productions, films, print and TV commercials is the only Indian Australian actress to be nominated for Best Actress Award in Short & Sweet, Sydney 2009.

The preview was a formal, red carpet event occasion. Hoyt’s cinema was house full at Fox Studios at the preview with a multicultural crowd. As the movie is targeted towards the Indian audience so the language is Hindi, but for the convenience of the other audience English subtitles were running at the bottom.

Council General of India, Arun Kumar Goel and his wife were guests of honour. The event was graced by splendidly and flamboyantly dressed audience some clad in traditional India attire and others looking fabulously gorgeous in western attire. The preview was attended by a diverse section of people and response was really good.

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