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To empower community publishing, Digital Media and Co has issued “Sun Tokens” on the Waves blockchain platform and decentralized exchange. One of the core reasons to introduce “Sun Tokens” is to bring together the publication’s ecosystem of readers, contributors and advertisers. Through Sun Tokens we are offering one more valid reason to stay tuned with our various media platforms and events.

“Sun Tokens” can be traded on the Waves exchange once you have accumulated enough tokens through engaging with The Indian Sun platform.

Get Rewarded for Engaging With The Indian Sun

At The Indian Sun we believe rewarding our readers with tokens is a way to show appreciation for their involvement in shaping our platform. “Intervening” in a social dialogue by actively participating on our media pages, liking and sharing our stories to your followers, participating in our online polls are all considered active involvement and can fetch tokens from The Indian Sun. Our website www.theindiansun.com.au is up to date with community news on a daily basis. We also send out weekly newsletters to a database of 40,000 subscribers.

Like and share stories from our Facebook page and ping us your wallet address to earn 5 Sun tokens; Share a story on our Facebook Community Page to earn 5 Sun Tokens

Email editorial and design Feedback to our print edition on sid@indiansun.com.au with your wallet address and earn 10 points

Join our Email Database and earn 25 Points (One off): Share Address to sid@indiansun.com.au with subject “Sun Tokens”

If you are already in a database, claim your tokens by emailing us your wallet address.

Community publications very rarely can afford to remunerate its editorial contributors. But moving forward, The Indian Sun will strive to reward its contributors and community reporters by paying them in Sun Tokens.

So how does one value Sun Tokens? Does it have any financial value? The Indian Sun has not raised funds from external sources to fund its token project. To stay clear from any major volatility and price action, we will back tokens issued from its revenue sources. Every token issued to its readers, contributors and internal staff will have a purchase order on the Waves Exchange that can be credibly exchanged for Waves Tokens, which can then be converted to USD or BTC. Although there’s a value to the tokens issued, we highly recommend readers to accumulate its tokens for a period of ONE YEAR before actively trading. The Indian Sun will aim to deliver partnerships through its Tokens project in the coming months.

The Indian Sun is working towards establishing real use cases through partnerships with our clients. Some of the areas we’d like to strike partnership is in the area of travel, entertainment and hospitality sectors.

As an advertiser, you can avail for discounts by paying us in Sun Tokens. All you have to do is, purchase Sun Tokens on the Waves platform and pay into our wallet.

Sun Tokens can also be used to transfer value from person to person. Once you have accumulated enough Sun Tokens in your Waves Wallet, you can exchange it with friends, family, gift it to your children as pocket money and more.

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