The Indian Sun is partnering with Rush Gold to offer rewards of gold to The Indian Sun readers.

By clicking on the promoted ad on The Indian Sun website, you earned a micro reward of $1 worth of gold. This reward is available on the Rush Gold app.

Each reader can only earn one reward per ad, but you can accumulate rewards by looking for more promoted ads over time, so make sure you come back and check the ads regularly.

The number of rewards per ad is limited, so be fast and look for the promoted ads!


The promoted ads show a little “gold coin symbol”, like this:   

See this ad for an example:


To redeem your reward, scan the QR code with your mobile phone.




This QR code will take you to the app store to download and install the app. Register your account: your reward will be waiting for you. Any new reward gained will be added to the same account.

This gold reward is just the start: using the Rush Gold app, you can buy more gold, sell it, or even use it to pay or send as a gift!

You can accumulate more gold on The Indian Sun, but terms and conditions apply.

About Rush Gold

Rush Gold is an award-winning Australian Fintech company.

Our innovative app lets you buy and sell real gold (bullion) at the touch of a button, 24/7. You can also spend your gold, send some to someone else as a gift or payment, or save and see your gold accumulate.

When you get gold through the Rush Gold app, you get direct title to real gold, locked in a high-security vault in Australia, insured by Lloyd’s of London. And you get the convenience and liquidity of an app for your transactions.

Learn more on

How to redeem:


1 - Download and install the Rush Gold app using the QR code on this page.


2 - Sign up and Register your account.


3 - Redeem your reward. Come back to The Indian Sun and check for more promoted ads to accumulate rewards over time.

To redeem your reward, scan the QR code with your mobile phone.