Melbourne Indian filmmaker launches cultural film campaign

By Our Reporter
Filmmaker Ravi Chand // Pic supplied

Ravi Chand, the acclaimed director and producer behind the celebrated short film “Namaste Yoga,” announces the launch of a crowdfunding campaign for his latest project, “Losing My Best Friend.”

This new short film aims to explore the profound bonds of family and tradition through the lens of uncles and fatherly figures to foster kindness and reject gender norms, recognising their deep impact as role models. It offers voice to those feeling marginalised within families, providing a poignant reflection of the bittersweet heartbreak as children grow up.

Following the tremendous success of “Namaste Yoga,” which is available on ABC iView and was selected for Oscar-qualifying film festivals such as the Chicago International Children’s, Cleveland, and Maoriland Film Festivals, Chand continues his journey of bringing culturally rich and authentic narratives to the forefront.

The plot of “Losing My Best Friend” centers around Suresh, a devoted uncle, who faces the ultimate test of letting go of his niece, Devi, on her wedding day as she steps into a new chapter of her life. The story unfolds amidst family tensions as Suresh confronts the reality of becoming the very person he has warned Devi to avoid.

Chand’s storytelling is renowned for its authenticity and deep cultural resonance, appealing not only to those within the Indian diaspora but also to global audiences who appreciate heartfelt and meaningful screen stories.

The crowdfunding campaign, hosted on the Australian Cultural Fund platform, seeks to raise funds to cover production costs. Contributions are tax-deductible, and donors can follow the link below to support this vibrant film venture.

In an exciting move, casting opportunities for “Losing My Best Friend” are open to the general public.

Click here to support Ravi Chand’s crowdfunding campaign

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