Youth Volunteerism for Wyndham’s soccer Tournament

By Our Reporter

On 7 May, HWPL (Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light) Victoria mobilised a team of over 15 passionate volunteers to construct an expandable soccer court at the Reclink Australia Sportshare in Werribee. The pitch will be used in the upcoming men’s and women’s soccer tournaments in a collaboration of eight community organisations, and setup of the pitch involves heavy lifting and logistical coordination over a dedicated five-hour period, underscores the commitment of HWPL’s youth volunteers.

The men’s and women’s six-a-side soccer tournaments, “We are One Cup” will be hosted on the pitch by ARK-VIC Inc in collaboration with HWPL Victoria in April. Several esteemed organisations are generously supporting the initiative including Reclink Australia, Junubi, Football Australia, Wyndham City Council and the Victoria State government.

HWPL Victoria welcomed a wide range of diverse communities and leaders, fostering partnerships with various cultures to ensure complete inclusivity in the upcoming tournaments. This joint project will serve as a platform to promote social cohesion, multicultural peace, and understanding while encouraging youth participation.

“It’s hard work but I’m really happy to be here and help out,” said James, an HWPL Volunteer. “Especially seeing the youth getting involved when you wouldn’t normally see them, and knowing we’re making a difference makes me happy more than anything.”

The initiative aligns with HWPL’s broader mission, harnessing the power of sports in breaking down barriers of differences in culture and prejudice to promote social integration and peace. These goals are based on the DPCW, HWPL’s law for peace initiative, which outlines what countries and communities can do to create peace.

In conjunction with the volunteer efforts for the Werribee soccer game, HWPL introduced the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW) to all volunteers who participated, emphasising a cultural perspective on peace. This declaration outlines actionable steps for countries and communities to promote peace and harmony between various cultures. By integrating the DPCW into the initiative, HWPL aims to create a platform for social cohesion and multicultural peace, encouraging youth participation and community engagement.

To finalise the tournament for We are One Cup, finals will be held on 25 May, in conjunction with HWPL’s annual 11th Commemoration of the Declaration of World Peace event, which will be hosted in Wyndham at the Reclink Sportshare Centre. Supported by Wyndham City Council, Reclink, and Junubi Wyndham, this event aims to unite players and foster harmony among youth from diverse backgrounds.

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