Petrol Prices Hiking Up Again?

By Hari Yellina
Representational Photo by Jonathan Greenaway on Unsplash

The Palm Island Servo undoubtedly boasts one of the nicest views of any gas station in the nation, being only a short distance from a picturesque ocean and offering island views to match. The costs are anything but attractive for shoppers on the busy north Queensland island, though. In the Aboriginal community, where fishing is a way of life, watercraft is being prohibited due to a sharp increase in gasoline prices, which are forcing unleaded to cost $2.92 per litre and diesel to cost $3.16. Gresham Ross, a fisherman on Palm Island, explained, “We’re seafarers; they call us canoe people. “We receive that fresh seafood; it is what our culture requires—the turtle, the fish, and your crayfish.”

The father of eight once per week used to go swimming. Fish from secluded “bommies” on the Great Barrier Reef, primarily coral trout, mackerel, and nannygai, were stored in his freezer. The Ross family, which now includes five grandchildren, would split the harvest. But now that you can’t put fuel in the boats, Mr. Ross explained, “you have to acquire that tinned stuff from the store, tinned tuna.” “It’s missing,” Unleaded fuel is more than $1 cheaper in Townsville, just a 20-minute flight away, at an average price of $1.90 per litre, according to the Royal Automobile Club of Queensland (RACQ). However, Mr. Ross claimed that the “quite frantic” expense was starting to have an impact on the island’s lifestyle.

Low-aromatic fuel must be sold in Native American villages like Palm Island to prevent gasoline sniffing. The additional expenses for making low-aromatic fuel are covered by the federal government. The RACQ claimed that costs would always be higher than on the mainland due to the expense of transporting petroleum to isolated areas like Palm Island. However, according to the Palm Island Aboriginal Shire Council, it is not the full story. “We should not have fuel pricing in that area because we are close to Townsville and Ingham, and I can see cheaper prices in other, [more] distant places.” Mayor Mislam Sam stated, “It’s extremely alarming when you find petrol costs in the Torres Strait cheaper than Palm Island.”

Despite being significantly distant from the mainland, unleaded fuel is more than 40 cents cheaper on Thursday Island. Mr. Sam is concerned that once the federal government’s fuel excise reduction ends in September, prices will get even more “wild.” I believe that some of the fuel suppliers in this area ought to take a close, honest look at themselves. said he. “Everyone only needs to act morally.”

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