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When coronavirus swept across the world two years ago, life and businesses changed. Two years hence, many businesses are still reeling from a decline in revenues, while some have recovered, albeit slowly. However, one company managed to tide over and even came to the rescue of a few. Not surprising why Digital Document Solutions (DDS) Group, a Melbourne-based printing company, has been in business for over 20 years now.

The pandemic has been both a challenge and an opportunity for DDS. Prior to COVID-19, the printing business was screaming hot. Medium-sized businesses, for instance, would have ten printers. But came COVID and people started working from home.

“Businesses were stuck in expensive contracts, and they had to pay for the printers even though they were not using them. So, we went ahead and took the remaining obligation of some of these businesses, paid out the contract for the printers and we have streamlined their requirements,” says Matt Prabhakaran, National Account Manager, DDS Group.

DDS’s timely action during the pandemic has prevented a blowout of these small businesses.

“We helped on a case-by-case basis. For some, we took their six to nine months’ payment, for others overloaded with printers made redundant, we cut that down and reduced their number and thereby their spend or the costing,” explains Prabhakaran.

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So, what has DDS done differently than others over the years to tide over something like the pandemic? The company takes pride in its customised service, leveraging on a team that understands client requirements. “We don’t want to sell you the most expensive printer if you don’t need it. We look at your printing volume and based on that we provide what is best for you, not what is best for us,” says Prabhakaran. “Transparency and trust are at the core of our values.”

DDS Group was founded in 1998 by its sole director then, Chris Wilcock, from South Road Moorabbin, Melbourne. The business started off with only one technician and was occupying the corner of the showroom in the stationers “Officeland” which was formerly Pedersen Stationers.

Today, the business has expanded by leaps and bounds, thanks to Wilcock’s vision. It has grown to have a staff of over 40 and four offices located in Moorabbin, Ballarat, Bendigo and Geelong combined with access to a national dealer network.

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DDS recently won the prestigious Canon Business Partner of the year for VIC/TAS. In addition, the company has been awarded Sharp’s national dealer of the year numerous times—to highlight a some of its many achievements.

“DDS Provide printers and copiers on lease, rental and outright purchase. We are one of the largest dealers of Canon and Sharp business grade office equipment. On an average, we install over 100 multifunction devices per month. Take a look at our Google reviews, we are the only managed print provider to achieve over 300, five-star reviews,” says Prabhakaran.

Interestingly, DDS Group is also involved in charitable giving. It is one of the founding members of the Make a Difference Community which has provided over 147 tonnes of pasta to make 588,000 meals to help feed the most vulnerable Australians.

“Turning an everyday business expense like office photocopiers into pallets of food” is a very simple and exciting concept. We leverage the money your company already spends on managing and maintaining your photocopier and printers to directly help feed people,” says Prabhakaran.

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“We supply and support Canon and Sharp new and refurbished office printers for your business and donate a portion of our income to purchase and deliver pasta for homeless and families in need. Our guarantee is your company will not only save money and provide you with superior technology but every purchase from DDS will provide a minimum of 39 kilograms of pasta which contributes to making over 300 meals.”

Towards this end, the company has teamed up directly with Food Bank, Fare Share, Second Bite, Fr Bob Maguire Foundation, OZ Harvest, etc. to ensure the food reaches the hungry.

Prabhakaran believes no other provider does something similar. “Perhaps that’s another reason why we get a lot of business. The whole idea of the Make a Difference Community was to fund food without asking for donations.”

With the pandemic, the number of printing businesses might have reduced but there is always the demand for printers and scanners regardless, he says. With a loyal customer base and a passionate team, DDS is here to stay.

If you would like to get a free print audit done to understand how DDS can assist your business, please find contact details below.

Matt Prabhakaran | a: 660B South Road, Moorabbin, VIC 3189
e: matt.prabhakaran@ddsgroup.com.au | w: ddsgroup.com.au
m: 0415 761 986 | p: 03 8552 3444

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