SINGAPORE, July 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Australia’s Sports Management Worldwide (SMW) has partnered with Singapore-based AthLife Performance to create specific experiences via a series of school holiday camps to introduce a plethora of activities that will help shape and guide the younger generation.

Singapore-based AthLife Performance has partnered with Australia’s Sports Management Worldwide to bring world class sports camps to Southeast Asia

Founded in 2013, SMW is a specialist in managing sports camps and creating meaningful opportunities into a pathway that will shape and guide athletes to achieve athlete goals.

“We aim to provide quality programs in Southeast Asia that are fun, exciting and inspirational. Athlife provides this and their holistic view is aligned with ours so it’s a great partnership,” said SMW Chief Executive, Mr. Mark Wilton.

“We want every child who attends our camp to gain valuable experience improving their skills, boosting their confidence, and learning valuable life lessons from top-rated and experienced world class professionals while having fun. It’s an important stepping stone to achieving great things in sport and life”, Mr. Wilton added.

SMW’s strategic partner in the region, AthLife Performance, brings years of experience in sports performance and athletic development to these camps.

“Our goal is to expose our camp attendees to various sports and to educate them about creating habits that will help them live a healthy and fulfilling life”, said AthLife Performance Chief Executive Mr. Nev Nair

“We take a holistic approach for our camps and go beyond physical activities. We want our attendees to learn how to overcome adversity, manage stress and handle hardship in life through sports. Furthermore, 90 percent of activities the campers partake in are either part of the Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games or the SEA Games. We might unearth our next gold medallist in these camps,” Mr. Nair added.

The first SMW-AthLifePerformance camp aptly named Mind, Body & Spirit is set to kick off in October 2022 at Dulwich College, Singapore.

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