Albanese-Modi bond in Tokyo, say ‘ties have never been closer’

By Our Reporter
Pic source Twitter @AlboMP

Newly elect Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said he has had very constructive discussions with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the at the Quad Leaders meeting in Tokyo.

“I have visited India both as a backpacker, but also as a leader of Parliamentary delegation. I was pleased that Prime Minister Modi invited me to visit India soon as well. We will work on some dates there,” Albanese said.

The relationship with India, which will grow to be the third largest economy in the world in coming years, is a very important one for Australia, he added. “And the diaspora in Australia is, of course, a growing one as well.”

The two leaders talked about the potential for education exchange, particularly the potential for Australian universities taking advantage of the changed position of India and co-locating in India serving both students locally based in India, who could spend some time in their home country of India studying at Australian-based universities and then, perhaps, complete half of their degree as well in Australia.

“I think that’s an exciting proposal from the Prime Minister and one which is a benefit to both our nations,” Albanese said.

He later posted on Twitter that that “Australia-India ties have never been closer.”

The Prime Minister made these remarks at the doorstep interview in Tokyo. He said, he was very keen to ensure that Australia was represented here at the Quad “to send a message to our partners in the United States, Japan and India, that Australia continues to be strong supporters of the Quad, that the Quad Leaders’ Summit represents our common purpose, our common purpose in supported democracy, in support of peace and security in the region, in the support of the rule of law”.

Albanese is looking forward to hosting these leaders in Australia at the next Quad summit in 2023.

The Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Penny Wong head back home today after their whirlwind trip to Japan for the Quad meeting.

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