DEXLEVO’s GOURI received Asia’s first Best injectable award of the AMWC Awards for its technology recognition


SEOUL, South Korea, May 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — GOURI, a liquid PCL injection developed by DEXLEVO for the first time in the world, has been selected as Collagen inducer Best injectable of the AMWC Awards at the world’s largest beauty fair AMWC held in Monaco in March.  It is the first in Asia and a splendid achievement after participating in the AMWC for the second time.

At the AMWC held in Monaco, DEXLEVO’s GOURI was selected as the Best injectable of the AMWC Awards.

AMWC (Aesthetic and Anti-aging Medicine World Congress) is an annual event in which more than 20,000 industry professionals, including dermatologists, from 200 countries participate to share the information about the beauty and anti-aging products and the latest industry trends.

In this symposium, Mexican dermatologist Arturo Vela and Croatian dermatologist Dinko Kaliterna announced GOURI’s technological prowess and excellence. They said, “The current trend in the beauty market is anti-aging, and consumers are seeking naturalness. GOURI is safer and more convenient to operate, compared to its competing products.  Its natural collagen regeneration effects meet the needs of both the current market and consumers.

DEXLEVO is expanding its beauty market share with not only GOURI, a cosmetic medical device, but also KABELLINE, a contour product, and Touch BR, a whitening product. Currently, DEXLEVO is focusing on distribution in Southeast Asian regions such as Indonesia, Vietnam, and Thailand.  KABELLINE is reaching the Americas.

KABELLINE is a contouring product that breaks down fat using deoxycholic acid. Unlike existing contouring products, there is no pain or side effects, and it is a product that fundamentally prevents the yo-yo effect from resynthesizing free fatty acids (FFA) remaining in the body into fat.

Touch BR is a whitening product with peptide and vitamin C as its main ingredients. It prevents skin aging and melanin production, and improves skin moisture. You can find more information on the DEXLEVO website (

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