XCMG Strengthens Its Presence in Southeast Asian Market with Strong Products and Service


The Largest Tonnage All-terrain Crane Exported from China to Overseas Markets Begins Operation in Singapore

SINGAPORE, May 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — An XCA800 all-terrain crane from XCMG (SHE: 000425), the largest tonnage all-terrain crane China has exported to overseas markets, has debuted at a construction site in the northeast of Singapore, a project of a German-invested chip plant.

XCA800 All-terrain Crane from XCMG, also the Largest Tonnage All-terrain Crane Exported from China to Overseas Markets Begins Operation in Singapore.

Two XCA800 units and one XCA500 unit were deployed to the construction site in mid-March. The German company had strict requirements for the construction equipment including a height limit of 55 meters, each crane should reserve 30 percent of the lifting load, and a tonnage requirement of over 500 tons. Each crane entering the chip plant was installed with a data recorder that transmits and analyzes construction conditions in real time.

“As a main driving force of the global economy, Asia-Pacific countries are developing fast, and with the goal of ‘maintaining stability and improving quality,’ XCMG’s large tonnage cranes and Y-type cranes have been entering Asia-Pacific markets since the beginning of 2022. The total value of these cranes has exceeded USD 15 million, and it has showed the strength and vitality of China’s equipment manufacturing industries in the international market,” said Wang Min, CEO and Chairman of XCMG.

In addition to powerful products, XCMG has also focused on promoting the after-sales services. The company carried out a series of events for whole lifecycle service and value chain integrations, providing convenient and efficient one-stop services covering sales, aftersales and financing.

XCMG launched the Philippines crawler crane service tour in last October and has visited over a dozen customers and serviced more than 100 units of equipment, accumulating a total distance of 5,600 kilometers to provide operation assistance and training service of the XGC12000 crawler crane. XCMG engineers visited the harbor and trained project staff in crawler crane assembly and disassembly techniques. The service team were stationed in the customer’s warehouse for 20 days to ensure the crawler crane’s successful transport and operation.

The Philippines has a large market capacity with a large number of equipment and different customer service needs. XCMG has established a comprehensive sales, service and spare parts network in the Philippines that can respond to customers without any delay,” said Wang.



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