KINS launches in Singapore with probiotic-based skincare products and supplements


The company also plans to open its first KINS CLINIC in Singapore by the end of 2022

SINGAPORE, April 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Japanese personalised nutrition and beauty company, KINS Co. Ltd (hereinafter KINS), has today announced its expansion into Singapore and the launch of its skincare line in the city-state. KINS specialises in subscription-based products that use probiotics to improve health and wellness.

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KINS also plans to open its first KINS CLINIC in Singapore by the end of 2022, which will focus on specialist consultation to improve chronic diseases using probiotic treatment.

Yutaka Shimokawa, CEO and founder of KINS said: “Before I started KINS, I was suffering from chronic ailments such as frequent diarrhea and sudden hearing loss, and the company I worked at treated patients with bacteria-based preventive medicine. After personally experiencing the effects of such treatment, I decided I wanted to help people in and outside of Japan who suffer from chronic illnesses that may actually lead to something worse. Singapore is the perfect hub for us to start and expand our operations from.”

The made-in-Japan skincare product line that will be made available in Singapore includes supplements and serum that can be applied to the skin. Both products are recommended for use together as a skincare regimen, and can be bought on the KINS official online store or through the official Shopee merchant site:

SUPPLEMENTS: Retailing at S$127 (nett) for a bottle of 60 tablets, SUPPLEMENTS contains 22 types of probiotics, including lactic acid bacteria (Lactobacillus), yeast, natural nutrients produced by lactic acid bacteria, and more, and helps to regulate the intestinal environment which can lead to improvements in common physical ailments such as constipation, skin problems, sleep issues, menstrual pain, and more.


BOOSTER: A booster serum that retails at S$107 (nett) for a 50ml bottle, designed to maximize a healthy skin condition. The serum is made up of soy-based Lactobacillus, Saccharomyces Cerevisiae extract, and rice fermented liquid. BOOSTER is also Surfactant-free, paraben-free, ethanol-free, synthetic fragrance-free, and colorant-free.


KINS has a laboratory in Japan and collaborates with various R&D firms to create better products. In January 2022, KINS launched in Taiwan, and following the company’s launch in Singapore, plans to expand into other Southeast Asian countries in the near future.

About KINS

KINS Co. Ltd., is a company that supports the care and balance of bacteria throughout the body, which influences a person’s beauty and health. The company was founded based on the rich experience of Shimokawa, who was originally the chairman of a medical corporation. He read various research papers while managing the company. Among the various papers published by universities and research institutes in Japan and abroad, one article, in particular, caught Shimokawa’s attention: “The relationship between health, beauty and bacteria.” Based on this experience, KINS offers supplements and cosmetics that help maintain the balance of the 1,000 trillion indigenous bacteria in the intestines, skin, scalp, and other parts of the body. KINS will continue to strive to realize a world in which it is commonplace to improve wellness by using bacteria.

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