Rumah Klasik Expands European-Style Luxury House Development Outside Java


JAKARTA, Indonesia, March 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Rumah Klasik, an architecture and contractor consultant company based in East Jakarta, has officially announced the expansion of their services outside Java. Rumah Klasik focuses on building European-style classic and luxury houses to help conglomerates or businessmen own their dream houses. Rumah Klasik considers the pace and accuracy of building their signature houses, also in accordance with the classical European building principles.

Rumah Klasik is an architecture and contractor consultant from Indonesia. Established in 1997, Rumah Klasik delivers luxurious accommodations on vintage designs. With its trademark concept inspired by the ancient Greek and Roman style.

CEO of Rumah Klasik, Mr. Yudhie said: “European-style luxury house has more complicated details than other house types, such as minimalist house; so that the building process will take a longer time and there will be missing details from the original blueprints. Here, Rumah Klasik comes with a team of architects and contractors with more than 25 years of experience to build a luxury European-style house in just 8-9 months.”

The property market in Indonesia itself has grown by 2.40% (year on year) for the real estate sector and 2.43% (year on year) for the construction sector during the first 9 months of 2021. Bank Indonesia estimates the economic growth in 2022 will be 5.5% (year on year) and it is definitely good news for the property sector. Until now, classical European-style houses are still a favorite because they have a high selling value.

Classic European-style house has symmetrical, towering pillars on the facade of the house, and large columns. Rumah Klasik’s luxury house has a timeless and unique concept design by combining European architecture details with Feng Shui principles such as door placement, mattress direction, and others. For 25 years, Rumah Klasik has been trusted to build hundreds of classical luxury houses for big entrepreneurs in Indonesia.

“Along with the increasing demand for luxury European-style house development, Rumah Klasik will continue to expand our services in various regions in Indonesia in the coming years and strengthen our position as the leading architecture and contractor consultant for luxury European-style houses in Indonesia,” Yudhie said.

About Rumah Klasik:

Founded in 1997, Rumah Klasik is an architecture and contractor consultant company based in East Jakarta. Rumah Klasik has helped huge entrepreneurs to build their luxury European-style houses, with a focus on planning and building the houses and combining them with Feng Shui principles.

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