Feedlot Program Welcomes Young Managers

By Hari Yellina
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Isabelle Hare has always been fascinated with animals. Her earliest recollections include helping to muster sheep on her family’s sheep property in western New South Wales while riding a horse. Ms Hare said she realised a lifelong dream by working on cattle stations in Western Australia’s Kimberley region for the previous two seasons. “As much as I enjoyed this experience,” she added, “I returned from my last contract with the objective of finding a role that incorporated all of the things I loved about life on a station, in an industry that offered more in the way of career advancement.” “Lot feeding checked all the boxes and gave me the chance to work in a different sector of the beef supply chain than I had previously.”

Ms Hare’s favourite aspect of her profession at Associated Feedlot in NSW is the ability to work with stock agents and clients. “I enjoy working with each client to develop custom programmes with the goal of producing the best cattle for each processor,” she added. What really excites her about her profession is the intricacies of planning and implementing feeding plans for varied markets. However, she also adores working with cattle. “I gain pleasure from ensuring that the cattle are happy, healthy, and capable of performing at their best.”

ALFA created this course to help lot feeders and industry professionals obtain a better grasp of how to manage a contemporary feedlot. People management and financial knowledge are two talents that are essential to run any successful organisation. Basic financial margin management, time management, setting priorities, human behaviour, and how to work more effectively with others are all covered in the MPM curriculum. Ms Hare stated that the MPM programme would teach her skills that would enable her to contribute to the betterment of Associated Feedlot management. She expressed interest in networking with like-minded people in the sector and creating relationships to help her advance in the field. It is intended to create confidence in each participant, allowing them to become a leader in their own firm and to participate in feedlot industry advocacy.

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