‘What are Labor+++ and Liberal+++?’

By Our Reporter

In almost once in 100 years, Australia now has more than 25 marginal federal seats. This means any Independent or minor party can have influence on policies in any of the two major parties.

Chisholm has one of the narrowest margins of only 0.5 per cent. This gives any independent or minor party a leverage to push for policies that major parties always ignored. One independent is pushing for policies that benefit our multicultural communities.

“Still what are Labor +++ and Liberal +++?”

For too long, both major parties (Labor and Liberal) ignored the “cries” of Australian cultural communities for protection against racism, tension between ethnic groups and foreign pressure.

There is no accessible platform to report on racism and alike. Police can not take action unless there is apparent bodily harm. Human Right Commission does not have the resources to handle reports from every cultural groups.

There needs to be a Crimestopper style platform where cultural groups can freely report in their own languages any observation or experience they have on racism, tension or foreign pressure. Thereafter, relevant authorities can take this report to further analyse and act on.

Wayne Tseng, in running as a third party independent for Chisholm, is using this position to push both major parties to legislate for such platform

In Melbourne, the federal seat of Chisholm covers the Chinese Precincts of Box Hill and Glen Waverley has Labor and Liberal at 49.5 and 50.5pc split. Wayne will give his preferences to any major party which would publicly declare that it will table a debate in parliament for such a platform.

Chisholm was a Labor seat for 12 years. It is also the seat of Australia’s first Chinese female politician – the Liberal Party Gladys Liu. Both parties are putting all their resources into winning the seat.

Tseng said, “In the matter of combating racism and foreign pressure, we the community need to take the initiative. We have to take action. This is a once in 100 years opportunity. If we don’t make the use of this opportunity, we really don’t know how long will we have to wait”

Tseng is reaching out to all voters across Australia, not just Chisholm. He said, ” It does not matter if your Labor has always voted for Labor or Liberal, but if any of your members lives in Chisholm. He hopes they will vote for him. Their votes will put pressure on the major party to support change”

He explained, irrespective of whether  Labor or Liberal wins, he looks forward to the winning party adding these three initiatives to their agenda:

  • Multicultural racism reporting platform
  • Allow greater citizen engagement in the business of government
  • Debate on a public holiday celebration First Nation people identity and culture.

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