‘Australians call it mateship, Indians call it dosti’

By Our Reporter
Prime Minister Scott Morrison

On the eve of India’s Republic Day, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison today wished “Namaste to everyone celebrating India’s Republic Day.”

Morrison said, “It is a wonderful co-incidence of history that Australia shares its national holiday with India— 26 January. There is an easiness, a natural connection, between our two cultures, and a deep friendship. Australians call it mateship. Indians call it dosti.”

In a statement released to the media, the Prime Minister also said, “Our familiarity means that we can work easily together—and together we strive to build a better world.

“On this shared day—we honour the communities that share Australian and Indian heritage in our two countries. We know the pandemic has been testing for them with so many families separated.”

This year, he expresses a shared hope of a COVID recovery—with families reuniting, and students and travellers returning to both of “our shores, and our peoples living with health, safety and prosperity”.

In setting down its constitution in 1950, India secured the democratic freedoms that ensure justice, liberty, equality and fraternity for its people, Morrison said.

“I join them—and every Australian with a connection to India—in celebrating the constitution’s enactment on this day.”

He added, “As India also marks its 75th anniversary of independence in 2022, Australia and India continue to share great friendship. Happy Republic Day!”

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