Meet Soumya Singh Deora, creator of Pet Care

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Soumya Singh Deora, creator of Pet Care. Pic supplied

Pets bring so much love into our lives, but what happens when they’re left on their own for the day? Do they find a way to entertain themselves or get lonely and just wait for us to get home? After all, we’ve spent so much time at home over the past couple of years giving them all our love and attention! Meet Soumya Singh Deora, creator of Pet Care: the app connecting pet owners and animal lovers.

Just eight years of age, Soumya loves animals, playing with her sister and neighbours and eating sweets. She is also just one of the many future legends already making their impact on the world learning coding and creating clever app concepts through BYJU’S FutureSchool.

“I used to have a dog and sometimes when I went to school she would get upset. And when I came home, I saw her very happy face,” Soumya says about the inspiration behind Pet Care.

She soon realised she could combine her passions for coding and animals to create something that would help pets everywhere. “I wanted to take care of dogs like my dog and make sure they didn’t get upset when their owners weren’t home. That way, they will always have someone to play with,” says Soumya.

Life too busy for a dog walk? Pet Care to the rescue! Pet owners can easily and safely connect with people who are happy to take care of their pets when they need help with pet sitting or walking their dog. And no-one has to pay for anything—it is just a community for passionate pet lovers.

Soumya Singh Deora. Pic supllied

Soumya created this great little app whilst she was doing her BYJU’S FutureSchool coding classes. School-aged children can reach for the stars through interactive projects and one-on-one tutoring with courses in maths, coding and music, with more exciting courses also in the works.

With classroom options for both personal one-on-one tutoring and small learning groups, BYJU’S FutureSchool provides tailored lessons and skill building exercises using expert educators. Their mission is to empower a whole generation of kids to become creators of technology rather than consumers with research-based curriculums currently including coding for students years 1-12, music for students years 1-12 and math for students years 1-8.

Beginning coding courses with BYJU’s FutureSchool just one year ago, Pet Care only took Soumya three weeks to make. And, while the lessons help her upskill and learn something new, gaining skills in coding also means she can solve problems, kill boredom and have fun.

“When I’m bored with normal apps that I didn’t create, I can just create something that I enjoy. I can go onto my apps and I know exactly what it does,” Soumya said.

Her next app idea is going to be “for kids that like playing games but so that they can play together safely online… they will always know who they are playing with.”

What does Soumya see for her own bright future? While she has the world at her fingertips, Soumya says, “Becoming a school teacher is my dream.”

And we suspect that Soumya will be able to buy all the sweet snacks she desires in the future!

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