“New Gig” Seizes Innovative Opportunities for Anyone, as a Freelancer, Slasher or Entrepreneur


HONG KONG, Nov. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Online matching recruitment platform GigGik Technology Limited recently launched a new service called “New Gig“, a place for talents to show off or be discovered. Without a doubt, since the outbreak of the ongoing pandemic has transformed the world forever, whether it is the way we live or the way we work it is still changing right before our eyes. With the rapid development of technologies, the team at GigGik knew there were potentials to grow the platform as they also saw the development and popularity towards the Gig Economy that has acted as a bridge between enterprises and the public, all while gradually improving the ecosystem towards the recruitment world and life to ensure no talents are being neglected in our society. No matter if they were full-time parents, immigrants, slashers or those with disabilities, “New Gig” was built to adapt to this new normal.

3 in 1 – Free and Flexible Matching Platform

GigGik is committed to offering a more comprehensive and user-friendly platform in the market for both job seekers and clienteles of all types. This 3 in 1 platform have a range of functions whether job seekers are searching for a full-time position, a place to put their skills to use and the coupon system, it is a platform to reveal and display different skillsets.

GigGik also has a unique coupon function making it more than just any normal job searching platform with surprises from lifestyle to business service discounts. Service offerors, known as “Giggers” can customize coupons, diversify promotion services or products where they can be offered online and offline, from glasses frames to trademark registrations. These exclusive privileges can be easily collected and redeemed with just a simple click on the website.

The Big 4 Features

In addition to displaying past work on “New Gig”, Giggers can in reserve actively search for different opportunities they have interest in. While users or businesses can refer to past work as a reference to connect or search for a suitable Gigger. Upon approval of both parties and all required information is provided a contract will be issued where a temporary deposit will be made to GigGik, and will only be transferred once the contract is completed to ensure the protection of all parties. As a professional certification system offers an extra sense of confidence to everyone, two-way authentication is set up to highly protect the interests of everyone and reduce the chance of any kind of fraud. All certification documents must first be verified and approved by the professional team of GigGik.

“New Gig’s” 4 Features

  1. Users can post tasks, customize content and ideal charges without any advertising fees, and Giggers can be contacted at any time for quotation enquires 
  2. Giggers can publish service (Gig), and have the choice to set up task stage and pay according to the progress
  3. Giggers can customize coupons to create a range of promotion services and products
  4. With a talent evaluation system, Giggers and customers can evaluate and leave reviews for each other, this open transparency can allow different users to identify potential partners to work with.

GigGik comparison to other similar platforms in the market

Platform Features


Platform #1

Platform #2

Platform #3

Platform #4


Free Browsing Freelancer Profile


Online Payment


Verification of Freelancer Identity


Certification of Freelancer Skills


Contract Feature


Project Mgt Tools


Pay for Leads

No Need

1 Time for Free


Job & Service Recommendation


Terminate Contract Mechanism


Coupon System

The Founder of GigGik

Ms. Cherrie Chong, the founder of GigGik shares her goals and expectations towards “New Gig”. As an advanced online recruitment platform specially developed by the company with a “matching” capability, it is an innovation to further enhance the “digitalize human resource”, “talent evaluation and verification system”, “business interactive ecosystem” and the new “gig economy system”. “New Gig” will strive to achieve a new model for talent creation and a new collaborative working style between business and talents, while integrating its matching function to make it easy and fun so anyone can grasp onto opportunities.

GigGik, a place ready to “Unleash Potential and Create Infinite Possibilities” to Hong Kong.

About New Gig Technologies

GigGik” creates a new talent matching ecosystem. In addition to full-time and part-time work, it is also an innovation platform for Slashers. Whether you want a change to your current working environment, make an additional income or become a Slasher taking on multiple jobs, it is a platform to not put any strengths and talent to waste. The latest Slasher section of the platform “New Gig” is the place to kick off this journey.

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