Focusing on the pain points of nursing mothers, yoboo launched “Portable Electric Breast Pump” to solve feeding problems


MANILA, Philippines, Nov. 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Breastfeeding is a wonderful and happy experience for novice mothers, and it is also a very challenging stage. Breast-feeding mothers often suffer from a variety of breast pains, such as breast tenderness, galactostasis, cracked nipples and so on. yoboo, a Japanese mother and baby brand, has paid attention to these pain points of breastfeeding mothers and launched portable electric breast pumps to help mothers and babies better solve their feeding problems.

The yoboo team has carried out scientific researches on the sucking behavior of infants over the years. In the process of continuous attempts, yoboo developed the Spiral-Flow lactation technology in collaboration with Japan Life Sciences Co., Ltd., the Asian Paediatric Association and the Japan Gynaecology Association. yoboo applies this innovative technology to the breast pump, which synchronously massages the breast from the upper skin in a cyclonic multi-point position, stimulates the mammary gland deep inside the breast, accelerates the formation of milk ejection reflex, thereby increasing milk production and improving breast health. Most of the traditional breast pump suction only acts on the surface of the breast skin, and the long-term large suction pulling action will damage to the areola, nipples and even cause mastitis. The yoboo breast pump is designed to simulate the baby’s natural sucking principle. It uses all-silicone horn to make it more fit to the chest. And it provides three modes and nine levels of adjustment. So the suction will make mothers feel comfortable. The yoboo breast pump will help mothers empty the breast in a gentler and softer way, and effectively solve the problems of breast tenderness, galactostasis, etc. yoboo strives to make every mother have the ultimate breastfeeding experience.

Portable Electric Breast Pump
Portable Electric Breast Pump

As a professional maternal and infant brand for working mothers in the new era, yoboo also hopes to solve the feeding problems for working mothers, so it adds the integrated fresh-keeping technology into the design of breast pumps. The breastmilk storage bag can be directly connected to this breast pump, so mothers don’t need to use the bottle as a container for conversion, and every drop of breast milk will not be wasted in the process. At the same time, the anti-reflux design can keep the milk fresh and nutritious, so as to achieve the purpose of one-go breastfeeding. The portable electric breast pump of yoboo is easy to operate and store, and can be used in any place. It is helpful to solve the problem of breastfeeding for working mothers and help postpartum mothers to return to the workplace easily.

It is very important to collect every drop of breast milk safely and hygienically in a bottle or container without bisphenol A. For all raw materials such as BASF PPSU material and food-grade silicone material used in the portable electric breast pump, yoboo strictly implements the international public standard. The quality has been certified by FDA, CE, ISO, CCC, FCC, so mothers can rest assured to use.

yoboo collects scientific research achievements and focuses on the field of maternal and infant, striving to take every detail of the development of babies into consideration physically and psychologically, so as to improve the quality of parenting life for mothers.

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