KINTEX TWTC K-Beauty Expo ends successfully


TAIPEI, Nov. 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The Taiwanese beauty market, a rising star with potential in the Asian beauty market, welcomed K-Beauty Expo from 10/14-16.

KINTEX TWTC K-Beauty Expo ends successfully
KINTEX TWTC K-Beauty Expo ends successfully

The Taiwan TWTC K-Beauty Expo, sponsored and hosted by KINTEX of Korea, offered opportunities to continue the popularity of beauty hallyu with booths, events, and participation from more than 40 Korean small and mid-sized beauty brands behind the hair, nail and make-up products that garnered popularity in Taiwan.

Moreover, the export consulting sessions offered on-site with 1:1 matching between local buyers from Taiwan and supply buyers and served as an event to rejuvenate the cosmetic market in the face of challenges related to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The local participants completed Covid-19 vaccination to join this expo, demonstrating the popularity in K-Beauty.

A staff member from KINTEX stated ” Number of Taiwanese influencers also participated, visiting the boots from participating brands. They also collaborated to promote various products from Korea. In addition, this Expo was held at the critical juncture of transitioning to the With Corona era, expanding from off-line to online through Youtube and other social network services.”

The K-Beauty market is expected to continue to grow after Covid-19. Additional K-Beauty Expos in other focus countries in Asia such as Japan  and Indonesia following the case of Taiwan can lead to economic recovery and increased international commerce.

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