yoboo builds a “safeguard wall” for mothers and babies with technology and online knowledge popularization


MANILA, Philippines, Nov. 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — At present, the Philippines is facing a severe epidemic situation. As vulnerable groups, pregnant women and newborns have relatively weak resistance. They need special care and protection. In order to better solve the safety problem of breastfeeding of newborns, the maternal and child brand yoboo has developed the integrated fresh-keeping breast pump.

The most obvious feature of this product is the use of lactation technology of Spiral-Flow and integrated fresh-keeping technology . It can help mothers complete the whole process of breast pumping, storage, heating and feeding in one go. Compared with the traditional breast pump on the market, it reduces the process of the milk bottle transfer. It can effectively prevent the bacterial contamination during the pouring process of breast milk, and achieve no waste and pollution-free breast milk from being absorbed to being stored.

One-go breastfeeding
One-go breastfeeding

In order to further popularize the concept of safe feeding, yoboo will carry out online theme lectures and live broadcasts via Instagram, Facebook and other platforms, and invite some authoritative medical experts to share some knowledge about childbirth and parenting for new mothers in the Philippines, such as preparing the baby package, caring for the newborns and so on. yoboo will answer all kinds of questions for mothers online and do our best to help Filipino mothers to have a safe and pleasant breastfeeding period during the epidemic.

As the leader of maternal and child brand, yoboo always adheres to the concept of “medical feeding” and develops scientific and professional products to solve the problems of baby feeding and development. Under the epidemic situation, yoboo puts safety in the first place and assumes our social responsibilities. yoboo strives to build a “safeguard wall” for all Filipino newborn babies and mothers through the integrated fresh-keeping technology and online knowledge sharing of maternal. yoboo is committed to becoming “the most trusted and warmest Japanese maternal brand for babies and families around the world”.


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