Diwali refreshes sense of hope and prosperity: Morrison

By Our Reporter
Photo by Udayaditya Barua on Unsplash

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has extended Diwali greetings to everyone celebrating, stating the significance of its timing as well coming “as we draw ever closer to the light at the end of our COVID-19 tunnel”.

“On the darkest night of the month, we hold in our hearts the victory of light over darkness, good over evil, and knowledge over ignorance. It is the moment when we turn the corner, and begin to see the lights ahead of us, guiding us forward.

“We have been through dark times in these last two years.”

Morrison said all the things we’ve had to forsake—welcoming, gathering, celebration and ceremony – will again be possible. For some parts of Australia, we will be able to celebrate this year, and for the remainder of the country, next year.

“We look forward with joy and hope knowing that our Diwali celebrations will take place again. Over recent years, I have joined Diwali celebrations around Australia and I know the joy, colour, community and food that makes Diwali such a special celebration.”

Morrison hoped Australia will get to that time with the National Plan to open safely, and to stay safely open. The vaccination program underpins this plan and I urge all Australians to get vaccinated—to take up the opportunity offered by our doses of hope, he said.

Thanking all people of faith and cultural communities for their efforts over many months to keep their communities safe, together, and part of the united response to the pandemic, the Prime Minister wished everyone celebrating Diwali this year be refreshed by its sense of hope and prosperity, and “by the fellowship of your family and community”.

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