WIN a Car This Diwali with coocaa’s Massive Festive Celebration*


NEW DELHI, Oct. 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — This Diwali, coocaa TVs has taken festivities to new heights. coocaa TVs has pledged to make one of its consumers a lucky winner of a brand new car!

From September 29th to November 4th (Big billion day and Big Diwali Sale), coocaa TVs & Flipkart have partnered together to gift one lucky shopper a brand-new car on buying any of coocaa’s TVs on Flipkart!

WIN a Car This Diwali with coocaa’s Massive Festive Celebration
WIN a Car This Diwali with coocaa’s Massive Festive Celebration

As an innovative Internet TV brand, coocaa is well-recognised as 2013’s Guinness World Record holder for the largest Smart TV sales acquired in a single day, and ranking 2nd for the biggest sales volume in 2020 in the world.

Today, coocaa is a leading provider in smart TV technology and has successfully become a friend of today’s younger generation. In Hyderabad, coocaa owns two factories, which produce more than 3 million units for home appliances annually, winning itself rising fame and popularity in India.

This Diwali, coocaa introduces its champion products to its Indian fans. The all-new coocaa S6G Pro & S3U Pro Smart TV are now available with a BIG promotional campaign on Flipkart!

The S6G Pro (available in 43″, 50″ and 55″), following its recent campaign during the AFF Suzuki Cup 2020, has become a hit across the golden generation in Southeast Asia. Powered by Android 10, S6G Pro contains brilliant features such as One-click Google Assistant, with ultra-low lag and latency.

Just like the S6G Pro, The S3U PRO Smart TV ensures a pleasant screen-sharing experience by providing reliable connectivity. With S3U PRO’s extra-large screen bolstered by coocaa’s German Picture Quality Lab, intelligent noise reduction technology and Dolby Audio sound effects, you are guaranteed with a remarkable home-viewing and gaming experience.

Ready to WIN BIG? This Diwali promotion might be a golden chance for you to get a new car or even your first car! Don’t miss this coocaa & Flipkart promotion between September 29th to Nov. 4th, where YOU might be the chosen one to own a coocaa TV AND a car in one go! Shop right now at (Terms & conditions applied*)

TIP: Follow coocaa on Facebook  (@coocaa) or Instagram (@coocaa_india) and join coocaa’s quiz session on FB, Instagram and Flipkart this month to win multiple prizes and vouchers for your new coocaa TV!


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