PV Expo 2021: Huawei Digital Power Promotes Carbon Neutrality with Utility Energy Storage Solution Debut in Japan

  • Huawei showcases its full digital power solutions at PV Expo 2021 highlights its capabilities in combining digital and power electronics technologies.
  • Huawei demonstrates its utility-scale energy storage solution for the first time in Japan in an effort to accelerate energy transition

TOKYO, Sept. 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Huawei Digital Power is showcasing its full suite of digital power solutions including our utility-scale energy storage solution for the first time in Japan at the newly launched PV EXPO 2021 Autumn edition in Tokyo.

2021 PV Expo Autumn Edition (World Smart Energy Week)
Time:              29 September – 1 October
Venue:            Tokyo Big Sight, Aomi Hall, Japan, Huawei Booth: Booth 8-24
Online:          https://www.huawei.com/jp/events/jp/pv-expo-in-smart-energy-week 

As Japan’s largest show for the PV industry, PV Expo 2021 is bringing the Autumn edition for the first time to accommodate the growing interests in renewable energy and decarbonization solutions for various industries.

“Carbon neutrality is one of the most urgent missions in today’s world. It will significantly accelerate the energy industry’s progress towards becoming low-carbon, electric, digital and intelligent.” Zhang Weiwei, General Manager of Huawei Japan Digital Power asserted, “We are delighted to be present again at PV Expo, to be with our customers and partners and showcase our solutions in key domains like green power generation, electric transportation, green ICT infrastructure and integrated intelligent energy.”

Energy Storage as the Key for Energy Transition

Battery electricity storage is a key technology in the world’s transition to a sustainable energy system. The new energy system will have a high proportion of renewable energy and power electronics devices and be highly digitalized and Intelligent.

The highlight on Huawei Digital Power booth is its smart string energy storage solution. The LUNA 2000-5/10/15kWh with JET certification for residential scenario has been a hit in the market and meeting Japan’s disaster preparedness requirements.

For the Autumn edition of PV Expo, Huawei Digital Power is presenting the energy storage solution in utility-scale, LUNA2000-2.0MWH for the first time in Japan. In traditional utility-scale energy storage solutions, the difference in battery modules triggers mismatches, resulting in battery capacity degradation, a fast attenuation, difficult O&M, and high risks. Huawei leverages the controllability of power electronics to solve the inconsistency of lithium batteries, bringing down LCOS by 20%.

Drive Energy Revolution for a Better, Greener Future

In addition to green power generation and energy storage, Huawei Digital Power also presents its solutions in the following areas:

  • Off-grid (fuel removal) Comprehensive Power Supply Solutions:
    iPowerCube can reduce power generation costs by over 60% and help to promote green development, bridge the energy divide, and build a low-carbon society.
  • Green ICT Infrastructure:
    Simplified DC allows reshaping architecture through fully prefabricated and modular construction, shortening TTM from 20 months to 6 months.
    Huawei provides simplified sites and server rooms and uses all-scenario PV stacking to help 5G operators avoid the increased energy-related OPEX, resulting in zero-carbon sites.
  • Transportation Electrification:
    Focusing on smart electric and smart charging networks, Huawei Digital Power consistently improve the driving and charging experience, solve safety problems, help EV manufacturers build great cars, and help charging station operators build high-quality charging networks to accelerate the electrification of the auto industry.
  • Modular Power:
    The integrated modular power supply fuels industrial upgrading and helps global partners achieve commercial success.

Carbon neutrality is the shared mission of the entire world. In December 2020, the Japanese government released the target of carbon neutrality by 2050. Huawei Digital Power integrates innovations in watt, thermal, energy storage, cloud, and AI, leverages its advantages in digital and power electronics technologies and collaborates with industry partners in domains such as clean power generation, energy digitalization, transportation electrification, green ICT infrastructure, and integrated smart energy to build a better and greener future.

About Huawei

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