Can-do attitude: Backing bright tourism drawcard, jobs

By Our Reporter
Representational image only. Photo by Louis Hansel on Unsplash

A regional Victorian brewery is stepping up in the craft beer market by expanding its in-house canning operations and upskilling more local workers.

Minister for Regional Development Mary-Anne Thomas today welcomed the addition of a new packaging facility at Bright Brewery, a project supported by the Victorian Government’s $50 million Agriculture Workforce Plan.

Bright Brewery has more than 30 full-time staff across its 500-seat taproom and restaurant, along with a separate production facility, making it a top private-sector employer in North East Victoria, an official press release said.

The new packaging equipment has enabled the brewery to move away from third-party providers, helping to secure local workers and ensure the business is self-reliant in the competitive artisanal beer sector.

The investment will also help Bright Brewery to meet consumer demand for cans as the rapidly growing package of choice, with a reputation for improved shelf-life for craft beer.

Filling over 50 cans per minute, the new linear machine has the added benefit of increased social distancing for workers—improving COVIDSafe compliance.

The $50 million Agriculture Workforce Plan is supporting businesses in regional, rural and outer metropolitan areas within key agriculture and food processing industries through job-matching, case management, worker relocation needs, transport and training.

It’s part of almost $30 billion invested by the Government in regional and rural Victoria since 2015.

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