Transporta offers free trial of transport management system to Indonesian SME truckers in effort to digitize logistics industry


JAKARTA, Indonesia, July 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Transporta, an Indonesian tech startup, announced today a free trial of its transport management system (TMS) for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the logistics space. This allows companies with 20 or less trucks in their fleets to use Transporta’s TMS services at no charge, for up to 75 trips per month.

Transporta offers free trial of transport management system to Indonesian SME truckers in effort to digitize logistics industry
Transporta offers free trial of transport management system to Indonesian SME truckers in effort to digitize logistics industry

This CSR initiative aims to help SME truckers swiftly adapt to Indonesia’s massive digital migration due to the pandemic and rise in e-commerce activity, while keeping costs low. Offering free platform and TMS solutions, Transporta also aims to tackle two-pronged problems plaguing SMEs’ logistic processes.

The problems include the sudden influx of e-commerce orders from retail customers resulting SME truckers transporting goods in half-full trucks at a moment’s notice, with empty haul back to origin city and barely any route optimization. Secondly, these SME truckers are losing out to larger fleets due to the low level of digital adoption and the high cost of logistics solutions.

“To compete in the market, SMEs need to invest in an efficient TMS,” said Emma Hartono, COO of Transporta. “But incumbent TMS solutions are expensive, bulky, and more tailored for large-scale fleets. So SME truckers are left between a rock and a hard place, and continue doing business manually with Excel. Transporta is here to offer help to these SMEs.”

Transport’s TMS increases efficiency and reduces costs

Resolving these old-fashioned and manual processes, Transporta’s solutions give a bird’s eye-view of SMEs truckers and logistics operations through a centralized cloud platform. As a result, truckers can maximize the speed of their daily operations and utilize resources such as routes, truck space, petrol usage, and driver cohorts efficiently, driving both profitability and delivery performance.

Logistic companies will be able to send bids, process orders, schedule routes and drivers, track deliveries, and invoice clients — all from a single web application at zero-cost. Onboarding is quick and easy, with Transporta’s cloud-based TMS meaning no heavy hardware or software investment is required.

Transporta helps SMEs build digital footprint

Apart from its main TMS solution, Transporta also provides a telemetry system to track each truck in every fleet, providing accurate and updated location information for all assets and building a digital footprint for SME truckers.

Indonesia’s logistics costs are among the highest in Southeast Asia, at around 30% of the country’s GDP. Transporta’s long-term vision is to change highly-manual traditional logistics processes via digitalization, while emphasizing building a community and digital footprint of truckers,” Emma pointed out.

Transporta’s community-first approach is reflected in its development pipeline. A key upcoming feature is a community platform to share payload information among SME truckers. This connects to WhatsApp group chats, allowing SMEs to quickly combine their respective fleets and maximize routes to bid on and fulfill larger orders.

Trasporta will debut its cost-efficient TMS in August, with plans to onboard 10,000 trucking companies over the next three years.


Transporta is an Indonesian-based transport management system startup that helps trucking companies maximize the speed of their daily operations and truck utilities as well as profitability through a centralized cloud platform. Transporta’s vision is to become the digital platform that connects end-to-end transportation solutions and revolutionizes the transportation industry while supporting Indonesia’s economic growth.

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